Licensed Massage Therapist

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Swedish Massage

$105 Hour

Promotes Stress Reduction, Body Circulation by applying a variety of massage techniques to enhance overall well-being.

Russian Massage

$105 Hour

Assists to reduce blocked energy through vigorous movements and a variety of gliding & kneading massage strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage

$115 Hour

Slow, Deep Pressure applied skillfully to target stressed muscles, unlocking tension.

Trigger Point Massage

$105 Hour

Skilled Trigger Point contact, combined with a Swedish Massage, to direct body to unlock strain, allowing increase balance.

Sports Massage

$95 Hour

Pre or Post Sport event technique. Can help prevent injury and/or recover from injury sustained.

CranioSacral Massage

$80 Hour

Applying ever-so-slight touch to your scalp – the ultimate reduction of stress, by balancing the pressure of your spine between your cranium and sacrum.

Myofascial Release

$95 Hour

This technique includes a variety of stretching & pressure movements, which help relax muscles, increase blood flow, increase range of movement and reduces restriction of the fascia (supportive connective tissue).

Seated Chair Massage

$1.50 Minute

At office or event massage technique. Massage your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Quick & affective technique.


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Pressure is applied to your hands and/or feet to assist in relaxation and to improve blood flow, allowing improved balance of mind and body!

Compliment your massage with additional features

Ear Candling

$55 first pair // $25 each additional pair

Hand Reflexology

$75 Hour

Foot Reflexology

$95 Hour

Hand & Foot Reflexology

$145 Hour

Prices may vary due to distance of travel