Licensed Massage Therapist


My wonderful clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said.

A massage by Ginny Fisher is indeed a special treat. First of all, she is very professional in her manner and business dealings. Secondly, she is kind, thoughtful and sensitive to your moods, stressors, mind and body tensions. She feels with her hands which parts of your body need attention and she administers the right amount of kneading and pressure. An hour on her table makes me feel like a new person. I would say that frequent massages by Ginny are key to my well being and mental health.

—D.D., Wilmington, DE

I really look forward to every massage from Ginny. I have had massages at some really fancy spas but none are better than Ginny's visits. Getting a relaxing massage at my home is the best. Every one is customized to me and no need to drive home either.

—J.W., Wilmington, DE

At the beginning of each session, Ginny always takes the time to ask about which muscles might need extra attention, and then she works her magic, and I feel good as new after an hour on her table. Each massage is customized, every single visit. And what could be better than getting a relaxing massage and not having to drive home afterwards?!

—D.C., Wilmington, DE